GYZMO is a solidarity project, managed by its community, with real-world use, using its commissions to help children in need. Games, NFTs and solidarity.

Welcome GYZMOLOVERS and people interested in the GYZMO RETURNS project.

The creators of this project are a group of people born mostly in the 80's, with nostalgia for simpler times.
Today the world situation is complicated and globalization makes us see problems that leave us with our hearts in a fist, and with the desire to act to alleviate so much suffering; both in distant areas and just around the corner.
As the first Millennial generation, we are technology lovers, and with GYZMO, in addition to embarking on this exciting journey of discovery and training that the world of blockchains offers us, we want to do our bit to help nearby communities and people in need anywhere in the world.
With the traceability of the blockchain we want to provide a tool to publicly audit donations and thus leverage its power to decide among GYZMO holders where those donations go.
Just as globalization in this interconnected world creates problems, it can also help us communicate across the globe to provide solutions and help people in need.
If you join us on this journey, together we will learn about blockchain technology that we believe can contribute to create a much better world, like the one we idealized in our 80's era mind. This is why we have chosen GYZMO as the friendly face of our project.
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